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Veneer Supplier

Wood Product Sourcing Partner.

Huge selections available. More than 20000sqft warehouse area for stocking purpose. We import from the most reliable source, internationally.


Our Vision

To be one among the most trusted supplier and trader for high quality wood veneers and related products across the Globe.

Our Mission

To constantly improve the quality of our product & services, facility, technologies, and customer retention strategies. To maintain an amazing team, highly professional to guide, advise and support our customers for their best.

Since 1998

AL-Ghanem Carpentry & Decor Factory L.L.C.

We offer a broad product portfolio including premium quality Wood Veneers, Veneer layons, Door designs layons, Particular boards, MDF, etc


100% Customer  Satisfacation Base.

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Global Supplier

High Quality Wood Veneers
Huge Collections, Quality Assured

Get in touch with our experts today. Serving the industry since 1998.

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Since 1998

The epitome of craftsmanship…
Premium Quality Wood Veneers

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