Pine is the most common species of tree in the world. It is also used for doors, parquet, paneling and lining. Popular as solid wood for country-style furniture and rooms as well as for Scandinavian-style furniture. The heartwood is reddish-yellow to brownish-red and darkens in time. Typical for the wood are irregular annual rings and […]

ID: Pine

Birds Eye Maple

Special form of Hard Maple (Sugar Maple) in which the so-called Birdseye form around the log due to “sleeping bud growth”. This shows as small dots in the wood.High quality architectural woodwork, high quality furniture. For price reasons often copied by fineline veneers (artificial Birdseye Maple). At the present time it is fashionable to color-stain […]

ID: Birds Eye


Plain Eucalyptus – like Eucalyptus Pommele and Figured Eucalyptus – is rarely used as face veneer, but mostly for sides and for interior veneers as the wood is not very expressive. Besides for veneers, Eucalyptus is used for railroad ties and in ship and vehicle construction.As plantation wood mostly used for paper production. Colour ranges […]

ID: Eucalyptus


Very rare Veneer wood. It grows only with small dimensions. The wood is black with brown regular or irregular reddish-brown to green-brown streaks. The wood has a distinct sheen and is most decorative. Origin:  Eastn Indies

ID: Ebony


Primarily sliced veneer, occasionally rotary cut for face veneer, used for furniture, luxury architectural woodwork, today used especially for dashboard paneling in the automobile industry.It is almost always quarter sliced. Zebrawood is extremely dependent on fashion trends although it is a very decorative wood. Origin: West Africa

ID: Zebrano

Knotty Oak

Knotty Oak veneers are used too little extent in the production of mass-produced furniture but mostly employed for interior work. The most frequent species of tree in the European forest mostly occurs as pedunculate or sessile oak. Oak can be finished well and without difficulty with all surface treatments. Origin: Europe

ID: Oak

Red Gum

The sapwood is cream-coloured and relatively uniform-looking; the heart wood is of a reddish to dark-brown colour both of which can alternate within one single log, thus creating a beautiful marblelike effect. When working up the sap and heart wood together, an extremely decorative result is obtained. The heart wood often has a silky sheen. […]

ID: Red Gum

Wenge Crown

Wenge is a valuable veneer wood, specially used as slicing wood for face veneer with close veins. Architectural wood for furniture, paneling and parquet flooring, construction lumber. Generally cut half round on the staylog. The heartwood is most resistant to fungi, insect attack and the weather. Best suitable are DD and PU varnishes at a […]

ID: Wenge

Bamboo Veneer

We offer an extensive range of bamboo veneer collection which can be used for a variety of purposes including  wall paneling, furniture, staircases,  door, kitchens, store fixtures, flooring, and ceiling panels.These veneers can be supplied.  The process starts from shaving each stick of bamboo into thin slices and then rejoining them back together to create […]

ID: Bamboo