Elm Burl

Very decorative veneer wood, high quality architectural woodwork and high class furniture making. The color of the heartwood is light to dark brown. Fine-eyed burl veneer with large dimensions and few open defects or bark pockets are sold at very high prices. The wood takes any surface treatment well. Origin: Central Europe

ID: Elm Burl


It is used for high quality architectural woodwork, furniture production possible but only produced in Southern Europe so far. The veneers are       relatively fragile. The Vavona Burl is deep dark red in color and in principle one can differentiate between two types (1) Lace form: the actually burly wood &  (2)  Birdseye […]

ID: Vavona

Mapa Burl

Mapa Burl are Poplar trees which develop abnormal trunk formations as a result of external influences, i.e. burl growth in the form of widely        scattered, little spots in their trunks but not in their roots giving the veneer its burly appearance. As rotary cut wood for high quality face veneer.The wood is […]

ID: Mapa Burl

Ash Burl

Good veneer wood for furniture and interior decorating. Logs having an olive-colored heart (“Olive Ash”) as well as Ash burls are in specially high demand as Olive Ash. Also used as wood for sports equipment (parallel bars, etc., due to its high bending strength), gun stocks, tool handles and grips. Brown heart veneers are stained […]

ID: Ash Burl

Walnut Burl

The burl is only a “by-product”, the actual purpose of the tree is to grow nuts.second product and sold. Highest quality interior work and furniture production.Walnut burl occurs in many different forms. From head veneer and cluster to solid burl which now as before numbers amongst the most expensive and most sought after veneers. Splitting […]

ID: Walnut